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About Us

Our founder. Our roots. Our mission. 

I'm Adam

The founder of Twerkwerk

From body shame to body confidence, I was someone who didn’t take their shirt off for 6 years because I hated the way I looked - I thought I had boobs.

Through the journey of self love, prioritizing my own healing and having over 8 different modalities in my toolbox mixing spirituality, emotionality, neurobiology and somatic therapy, I’ve been able to guide 100’s of people through subconscious and somatic healing.

Having moved through massive challenges in my life, including the loss of loved ones to suicide, working with youth for community action on suicide prevention, education and research, assault, concussion, relationships ending, self sabotage through sex and more, I really want to shine a light on how powerful prioritising our healing is and that it can be done in a fun and dynamic way.

Our Mission

Our mission is help people connect deeper to their bodies, become more confident, create community, and move stagnant energy and trauma in a dynamic and fun way. Our first priority is to ensure a safe space for you to come into your most authentic, expressive and confident self.

Why Twerkwerk?

Twerkwerk South Island - Christchurch

We're here to ASSist you

Ensure a safe space to heal in a fun and pleasurable way

Heal self-shame and self-sabotage

Heal negative self-talk

Release Trauma 

Spark joy and strengthen resilience

Connect deeper with your body

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